How to set up a Cloud Call Center in 2022

cloud call center

Traditional call centers bound customer service to boundaries. You use landlines therefore you can serve your customers only from your office.

But recently we have faced the darkest period of the Covid-19 pandemic. During the pandemic when customers’ need was touching their peak, traditional call centers were closing up. 

But companies were still able to answer their customers. It is possible due to the cloud-based call centers. In a cloud call center, you can connect with your customers from anywhere at any time. Therefore in 2022 cloud call centers have become an essential part of B2C industries.


Now, Do you want to set up a new cloud call center or make your existing one cloud-based?

Well, we can help you.

In this blog, we bring you the ultimate guide for setting up your cloud call center.

Check it out!

Our Ultimate Guide To Set Up A Cloud Call Center

1. Before You Set Up Your Cloud Call Center, Determine Your Goal.

What do you strive to achieve by opening a cloud call center? That is a basic question you must answer for yourself. Too many businesses fail due to a lack of a defined vision.

Determine the type of call center you require for your company before you start looking for devices and recruiting employees.

For example, 

  • Industries like Healthcare, Finance, Edtech, etc. use an inbound call center for most of their work.
  • For Retail and Product based companies, the outbound call center is a must.
  • Industries belonging to E-commerce require a hybrid setup.

Therefore categorizing your business should be your first step. After taking the right decision you can move to the next step.

2. Decide Your Budget

Money is just to start a business. You should carefully identify your budget and compare it to the investment required to build your own cloud call center. What do you need to buy before you make your first call?

The following are the most basic expenses:    cloud call center

  1. Employee benefits and compensation
  2. A consistent, high-speed internet connection
  3. A VoIP phone system
  4. Computers, headsets, monitors, and other basic equipment

Other expenses, such as incentives for the best employees or a budget for team building, can arise later. However, you do not have to consider these things right away.

3. Select the best call center management software 

Choosing the appropriate call center management software is important to for your call center business.

Continue reading to make a wise choice. 

First of all, select a VoIP solution that connects with all of your own CRM, dialer, helpdesk, and other applications. Then connect your VoIP software to the integrations you use every day. It can save a significant amount of time and work for you.

Then you should list the features that are a must for your cloud call center.

For making your task easier, we have listed the top features for you.

  • Predictive Dialers
  • IVRs
  • DID and TFN numbers
  • Auto Receivers
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Queuing
  • Call Routing

These features are a must when you are setting up a brand-new virtual call center.

Therefore you should do comprehensive research about VoIP providers who provide all these features.

4. Appropriate types of equipment

The demand for hardware in your remote contact center is greatly reduced by using VoIP virtual software. However, basic equipment is still necessary. 


  1. Laptop with the most recent operating system provided by the company. This is not mandatory.  Agents can operate from their own devices using VoIP software. However, it shows that you care about your staff.


  1. A panel for use with a laptop. Working on a bigger screen improves the working environment. To secure clients’ data, it’s a good idea to invest in a privacy-polarized screen.


  1. A keyboard and a comfortable mouse


  1. An Excellent headset: Choose one with excellent bandwidth. This protects the caller from background noise. It’s a good idea to provide two headsets: one for immediate usage and one as a backup.


5. Hire Potential Executives


The world offers 4 billion eligible candidates with no borders. And there are plenty of folks who choose to work from home. You can look for anybody, anyplace. This helps you to attract the best talent.  you can rely upon Top-tier agents to satisfy consumers. In the end, the quality of your call center is only as excellent as the people that work there.


6. Prepare a set of KPIs  cloud call center

Last but not the least;

You must choose the appropriate call center parameters to monitor. These will be your key performance indicators (KPIs) and will help you measure the success of your call center.

First Call Response (FCR), also known as First Call Resolution, is the most essential contact center parameter. It tests your ability to address problems during your initial encounter with a customer. 

First Response Time (FRT): the number of times clients must wait before being connected to an agent.

Average Holding Time (AHT): It shows how long it takes your staff on average to handle a call. It tracks the time between when an agent answers the phone and when the call is terminated. This indicator has a direct relationship with customer happiness, loyalty, and retention over time.

After Following all these guidelines you are ready to connect with your first customer from your cloud call center. Happy Calling.


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