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Gralvat is one of the Cyprus's Top VoIP Wholesale Providers, headquarters at Nicosia in, providing services worldwide that help you grow your business. Unique techniques and innovative ideas arm our services provide dest digital marketing services, including VoIP minutes, DID, and TNF services best in the industry. You can expect deal-cracking results with our years of experience and highly skilled team members.
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Our Services

We offer the best call center solutions across the globe to fulfill your business needs.
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VoIP Services

We provide A to Z call center services, from installing VoIP to VoIP minutes, dialer, call management, unlimited voice messages, and lifetime maintenance services.

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You can get the number of your desired country or even port the same number as we offer DID and toll-free numbers of all countries worldwide with the best audio call services.

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Dialer Solutions

We provide voice-over-internet services with advanced features like managing phone calls, auto-dialing, auto-response, call queuing, video conferencing, and many more.

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