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Gralvat is one of the best VoIP services delivery firms in Cyprus, headquarters at Nicosia providing services worldwide that help you grow your business. Unique techniques and innovative ideas arm our services provide dest digital marketing services, including VoIP minutes, DID, and TNF services best in the industry. You can expect deal-cracking results with our years of experience and highly skilled team members.

Gralvat helps its clients to create their virtual presence over various multinational platforms through our innovative and unique business service model. We will help you to scale your business to the peak. So why left behind? Contact us today to lift your business to its next level.


What is an International Phone Number?

International phone numbers, known as virtual phone numbers, are phone numbers of each country for domestic use. Because they are visible and function like domestic local telephone numbers, clients can connect you toll-free or for a minimal call cost. 

International phone numbers use the internet to forward calls instead of connecting to a direct phone line. It makes international phone numbers a unique feature.

How do international phone numbers work?

Let's have a scenario where you have consumers from the USA, France, India, and New Zealand. Connecting all of them with a domestic phone line would be out of thinking – as it will be costly with international call rates. We can resolve this problem by international phone number. Whenever consumers try to reach you, they call through a phone number in their own country. The call is then redirected to your line by the system. International phone numbers make it a piece of cake.

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  • To get a domestic local phone number, you must complete lots of documentation and connect with local landline operators. But if you want an international phone number, it’s hassle-free and never needs such documentation.
  • Picking a domestic phone number for international calls would be highly expensive to your business and cost far more money than it would be worth. In contrast, international phone numbers cost only a minimal monthly fee. If your company has specific demands, you can purchase a higher number of phone numbers and may have a cost-effective price.
  • Create your virtual presence all over the world. International telephony hands you the ultimate chance to spread your business and reach your target audience.
  • Get better audio quality and excellent features to manage your calls which will be impossible using a local telephone number.
  • International numbers are readily available, with a bare minimum cost range. To handle a large customer volume with a domestic landline number is beyond imagination. But international phone numbers make this work easy for you.


Our mission is to provide exclusive call center features to our clients and help them scale their business across the globe cost-effectively.


Our business will become the global leader in the VoIP services industry by bringing innovative and productive ideas to our clients.

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    We provide A to Z call center services, from installing VoIP to VoIP minutes, dialer, call management, unlimited voice messages, and lifetime maintenance services.

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    Automated testing and support

    Test the call flow and set up a fully automated process. We make the path easier for you.

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